Trust in the Blockchain Society
Blockchain after the hype

It started with Bitcoin, but blockchain promises to change much more than money: its goal is to revolutionize trust.

Impacts on society are not defined yet - that’s why we should all join the conversation.

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A smartphone documentary

Trust in the Blockchain Society is a smartphone documentary that brings together a diverse group of perspectives from design, cryptography, economy and more, to shed a light upon the future of the blockchain society.

Taking advantage of the interactive capabilities of smartphones, the documentary invites you at the centre of the current debate around blockchain making you experience the conversation at your own pace.

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Klara Brekke

Political Scientist
Blockchain comes from a long history of decentralized technologies

Jaya speaks, writes and does research on questions of power, politics and economics in decentralised technologies. She is a geographer and ESRC Research Fellow with Durham University, working on the political economies of crypto-economics. She is co-founder of Magma Collective Think-and-Do-Tank and an advisor to the European Union on disruptive technologies and data politics.


Social Scientist
Every technology, every medium we ever used changed the shape of trust

Balázs is a social scientist, associate professor at the Institute for Information Law (IViR) at the University of Amsterdam. He was Fulbright Fellow at Stanford University in 2006-7, and at Harvard University in 2012. Since 2013 he has been based in Amsterdam, working as a socio-legal researcher. Currently he is heading an ERC funded research lab at IViR on the regulatory issues around blockchain technologies.


Artist and Strategist
Social systems do not necessarily mirror technical systems

Kei is an artist, writer, and researcher. She is currently Director of Strategy at Gnosis, a company building peer-to-peer predictive software. Her project-based practice has been exhibited at organizations including the Victoria & Albert Museum and FACT Liverpool.

Jaromil Roio

Blockchain is a building-block for new architectures of trust

Jaromil is a cryptographer, researcher in philosophy of technology and, in his words, a “software artisan.” Since 2000 Jaromil has been CTO and co-founder of, a software house with expertise in social and technical innovation, gathering the contributions of developers who value social responsibility above profit. His creations are recommended by the Free Software Foundation.

Röing Baer

Blockchain has given people a toolkit to reevaluate the design of institutions - for good and for bad

Arthur is a designer and organizer/strategist, developing open protocols and collective ownership models for data and digital platforms. He co-founded Trust, a space and platform in Berlin for utopian conspiracy. Arthur took part in the post-graduate programme at the Strelka Institute and has an MA in Design from the Sandberg Institute.


Former Broker and Journalist
Human economies are dynamic networks, they expand and contract

Brett is a journalist, campaigner, former financial broker, and the author of The Heretic's Guide to Global Finance: Hacking the Future of Money (Pluto, 2013). He produced the 2016 UNRISD report on blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies and is a senior fellow of the Finance Innovation Lab, and associate at the Institute of Social Banking. He writes for publications such as The Guardian, New Scientist, Wired Magazine and CNN.


Internet Pioneer
Technology is not just for people that studied coding. Technology is culture

Marleen is an internet pioneer, and founded 'De Digitale Stad' (The Digital City) in 1993, the first virtual community introducing free public access to the Internet in Amsterdam. Today she leads Waag Society, a social enterprise for creative technologies and social innovation. She is also a member of the European H2020 Commission High-level Expert Group for SRIA on innovating cities.


Blockchain is often a synonym for the Web 3.0, the next generation internet

Shermin is the author of the book Token Economy. She is the founder of BlockchainHub Berlin and TokenKitchen, and was the director of the Research Institute for Cryptoeconomics at the Vienna University of Economics, which she also co-founded. She works at the intersection of Technology, Art & Society.

Trust in the Blockchain Society

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